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Gaia: AI Architect is a GPT designed as an expert in the field of architecture and design visualization. The tool operates on top of ChatGPT and offers users insight, advice, and suggestions related to both large-scale architectural concepts and detailed interior designs.

One key feature of this GPT is its capacity to generate high-level conceptual designs based on various architectural trends and practices. In addition to the creation of building designs, Gaia: AI Architect provides particular assistance in interior decoration and layout planning.

Users can simply specify the kind of decor or layout they are interested in and the GPT can generate numerous modern and innovative ideas to choose from.

For instance, it could provide users with options for sustainable building designs or modern kitchen interiors. The Gaia: AI Architect is not limited to residential designs, as it can also offer ideas for office designs based on contemporary trends.

This GPT can be a valuable resource for both professional architects in need of a brainstorming tool to diversify their conceptual thinking, and homeowners looking for advice on how to improve their living spaces.

To access Gaia: AI Architect, users are required to have a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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