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Guiding design and design modifications based on ISO 9001.
GPT welcome message: こんにちは、ISO 9001設計プロセスの追跡と管理を始めましょう!
Sample prompts:
ISO 9001のために設計変更をどのように文書化すべきですか?
新しい設計要素に対するISO 9001の主要な考慮事項は何ですか?
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Design Tracker Pro is a GPT that aids in the management and tracking of design processes based on ISO 9001 standards. The goal of this tool is to guide users through design and design alterations, as well as clarify ambiguous information, thereby improving design processes and project management tasks.

This GPT is specifically designed for professionals seeking guidance on ISO 9001 design process compliance. Users can ask it anything from how to document design changes for ISO 9001, important considerations for new design elements under ISO 9001, to procedures for evaluating the impacts of design changes, and steps to ensure compliance with design regulations.

Moreover, the tool's functionality navigates design strategies and issues, provides recommended processes for design alterations, and proposes methods for maintaining alignment with standard design processes.

Lastly, one of the key features of Design Tracker Pro is its ability to not only provide guidance on design projects but also to serve as a platform for fostering understanding and awareness of ISO 9001 compliance requirements.

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