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"Space planning, renders, and business optimization."
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Varys AI is an AI-powered tool that aims to redefine the space design workflow. By utilizing GPT technology, Varys offers a design advisor that can help users develop blueprints for their spaces and generate high-quality renders instantly.

With the ability to learn and replicate successful design concepts, Varys enables users to effortlessly scale their businesses across their chain.The tool allows users to complete refurbishments in under 0.5 hours by uploading their .cad files or drawing wireframes in the user-friendly editor.

Varys then generates design solutions with multiple angles for the property.Varys also provides users with the option to choose from hundreds of different styles or create their own to generate stunning concept images.

Users can simply describe shapes, materials, and lighting in language, and Varys will take care of the rest.Users can further interact with Varys' GPT-powered design assistant, which offers advice on various aspects such as furniture repositioning, space layout refinement, and even increasing business income.

The tool not only focuses on aesthetics but also aims to improve business performance.The generated images are fully editable and controllable, allowing users to modify them until their requirements are met.

Varys AI also generates design solution documents with powerful wording, providing users with the ability to edit them using the built-in keynote editor.Overall, Varys AI is a comprehensive and efficient design toolkit that aims to revolutionize space design and accelerate business growth.


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Varys AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates blueprints
Produces high-quality renders
Learns and replicates design
Choice of hundreds of styles
Creates custom styles
Describes shapes, materials, lighting
GPT-powered design assistant
Furniture repositioning suggestions
Space layout refinement
Business income improvement
Edits generated images
Generates design solution documents
Built-in Keynote editor
Accelerates business growth
Completes refurbishments swiftly
.cad file upload
Drawing wireframe capabilities
Multiple angles for property
Editable and controllable images
Powerful wording for documents
Aesthetics and business performance
Design cost reduction
Quick render speed
Reduces team scale
Streamlines processes
Optimizes pedestrian flow
Adjusts business orientation
Enhances operation patterns
Applies ideas across projects
Built for commercial solutions


Limited to .cad files
Editing needs multiple rerenders
No collaboration feature
Specific design style dependency
Business optimization assumptions
Dependent on user-friendly editor
Reliant on provided design styles
Lacks real-time design capability


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How can Varys AI help improve my business performance?
How editable and controllable are the images generated by Varys AI?
How does Varys AI generate design solution documents?
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How does Varys AI contribute to business growth?
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How can Varys AI increase pedestrian flow and adjust business orientation?
What is the waiting list for Varys AI and how can I join?


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