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Generate full-scale, realistic podcasts with AI.
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11Cast is an AI-based tool designed to generate studio-quality podcasts. The primary capability of this tool lies in its ability to create entire podcast shows with multiple episodes in various languages.

It also includes a voice-over and voice cloning feature, providing options for users to select from a range of ultra-realistic voices or use their own cloned voice.

The tool allows user to craft prompt for their podcast and transform any subject or idea into an engaging show. Users also have total control over the characters they create for their podcasts, even digitally mimicking pre-existing voices.

The tool presents the option for users to manually generate content or automate the entire process, depending on their preference. Once completed, podcasts can be downloaded or made public for everyone to enjoy through the 11Cast platform.

It reduces the technical barriers to podcast creation, making it a versatile choice for both beginners and experienced podcasters alike.


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Pros and Cons


Generates studio-quality podcasts
Multiple-episode show creation
Multilingual capabilities
Voice-over and cloning features
User-friendly interface
Automated content generation
Podcast content customization
Character creation control
Ability to mimic voices
Manual generation option
Public or private distribution
Platform-integrated publication
Promotes beginners and experts
Broad range of voices
Downloadable podcasts
One-click automation
Free account sign-up
Easy podcaster creation
Predefined or cloned voices
Automated episode management
User profile management
Switch between dark/light mode
Change language and currency options
Desktop notifications for updates
On-platform podcast featured
Extends content by related topics
User downloads and notifications


Limited voice customization
No offline functionality
Potential copyright issues
Voice cloning limitations
No multi-platform support
Lacking interactive tools
Absence of video support
No real-time collaboration features
Non-intuitive user interface
Dependent on internet connection


What is 11Cast?
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Does 11Cast allow character creation for podcasts?
What is voice cloning in 11Cast?
How can I craft a prompt for my podcast on 11Cast?
What kind of control do I have over podcast content with 11Cast?
Can I automate content generation with 11Cast?
How do I distribute my podcast once it's finished on 11Cast?
Who is the target user for 11Cast?
How does 11Cast handle voice-over?
Can I mimick pre-existing voices with 11Cast?
What makes 11Cast user-friendly?
What potential storylines can I create with 11Cast?
Is there a way for me to manually generate my podcast content on 11Cast?
What is the quality of the podcasts made by 11Cast like?
Which all currencies are supported by 11Cast?
Can I change the themes on 11Cast between Dark and Light as per my liking?
How can I make my podcast public on the 11Cast platform?

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