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Create and edit audio and video for podcasting.
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Podcastle is an AI-powered audio & video creation platform that helps professional and amateur podcasters create, edit and distribute production-quality podcasts with ease.

The platform provides users with a suite of tools to record and edit audio and video and create podcasts from remote interviews with up to 10 participants.

Studio-quality recordings, AI-powered editing, and seamless exporting can all be achieved in a single web-based platform. Tools include multi-track recording, audio transcription, intuitive editing, text-to-speech, Magic Dust, Revoice and Silence Removal, as well as a suite of AI-powered tools such as background noise removal, filler word detection, audio to text, podcast recording, MP3 to text, and format conversion.

Podcastle also offers iOS and Android apps to provide on-the-go recording capabilities. The platform is designed to make it easy for users to create podcasts to share stories and connect with their audiences, regardless of experience level.


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Podcastle was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Video editing capability
Multi-track recording
Audio transcription tools
Magic Dust enhancement
Revoice tool available
Text-to-speech function
Silence removal
Background noise removal option
Filler word detection
Audio to text conversion
Podcast recording
MP3 to text transformation
Format converter included
iOS and Android apps
Remote interviews up to 10
Supports multiple use cases
Includes auto-leveling
Introduce dynamic fading
Royalty-free music and effects
Creates digital voice copy
Variety of voice skins
Group recording support
Audio and video enhancement
Edit audio by text
High-res audio recording
Up to 4K video recording
One-click voice isolation
Automatic equalizer
Compressor application
Supports solo recording
Browser-based operation
Uncompressed lossless audio
Free version available
Professional-grade tools
Transcription editing
Automatically enhances speech
No credit card for trial
Interactive community on Discord
Regular blog updates
Help and Support section
Compatible with various systems
Affiliate program
Supports Audiobooks creation
Works for education sector
Ideal for communications
Specific features for teams
Product updates provided
Easy accessibility of tools


Platform web-based only
Limit of 10 participants
Offer iOS and Android only
Free version restrictions
Multiple subsription plans can be confusing
No mention of multi-language support
No offline capabilities mentioned
Artificial voices may lack authenticity
Dependent on internet connectivity
No auto-upload to podcast platforms


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What is the Magic Dust feature on Podcastle?
How does the Revoice feature work on Podcastle?
Can Podcastle remove background noise from my recordings?
Does Podcastle have a feature for filler word detection?
Can I convert my MP3s to text using Podcastle?
How does the text-to-speech feature on Podcastle work?
Is Podcastle easy to use for beginners?
What is Podcastle's 'Format Converter' tool?
How can I use Podcastle for various use-cases like education and communications?
Can teams use Podcastle collaboratively?
What is the 'Silence Removal' feature in Podcastle?
Can I edit my Podcastle recordings easily?
What does the audio transcription feature in Podcastle offer?


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