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Automating podcast editing for quicker results.
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Resound is an AI-powered tool designed to automate podcast editing. The core purpose of this tool is to simplify the typically complicated and lengthy process of editing podcasts, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Functioning as an editor, Resound uses artificial intelligence to minimize the time spent on podcast editing and helps create a more streamlined experience for creators.

With an emphasis on automation, this tool provides users with the ability to complete podcast editing tasks in significantly reduced time frames. Note that the website may use cookies for various purposes, like personalising content and ads, maintaining user session states, recording statistical and behavioural data, tracking user interaction with embedded content, and more.

However, such information is primarily used to enhance the overall user experience and efficiency of the website and the Resound tool. This tool may be beneficial for podcast creators seeking to optimize their time and improve their editing process.


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Resound was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates podcast editing
Significantly reduces editing time
User-friendly interface
Detects and removes filler sounds
Automatically finds silences
Easy audio trimming
Audio enhancement features
Identifies frequently repeated words
Identifies false starts and stumbles
Proprietary machine learning models
Interactive editing review
Multiple audio export formats
Personalizes user experience
Maintains user session states
Tracks and analyzes user interaction
Planned additional features
Information sharing for enhanced services
Support for all major audio file formats
Founded by professional audio engineers
Separate audio editing and enhancing functions
User controlled final audio output
Preview edited and enhanced audio
Suggests modifications based on detected patterns


Requires internet connection
Privacy issues with cookies
Limited free usage
No offline mode
Dependent on audio file quality
Focuses only on podcast editing
No video editing capability
No multi-language support
Website navigation complexity
Limited file export formats


What is the main purpose of Resound?
How does Resound use AI to automate podcast editing?
What specific podcast editing tasks can Resound handle?
Can Resound be used for multi-track audio files?
Does Resound work with all major audio file formats?
How does Resound enhance the user experience?
What type of cookies does the Resound website use?
How does Resound optimize the podcast editing process?
Can Resound also mix and master podcasts?
Does Resound remove background noise in podcasts?
How does Resound identify unwanted mistakes in podcasts?
Can I review and make final decisions on edits suggested by Resound?
Are there any limitations to the audio file size I can upload to Resound?
Does Resound have any features, like tracking user interaction with embedded content?
What benefits can podcast creators expect from using Resound?
Are there any upcoming features in Resound?
What's the process to start using Resound?
Do I need any prior editing experience to use Resound effectively?
Can I use Resound for free or are there premium plans available?
How does Resound ensure data security and privacy?

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