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ByMichael Filsaime
Tailored news curator for podcasts.
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NewsPod Assistant is a GPT that aims to help podcasters by providing an interactive news curation service. This tool aids in streamlining the process of selecting suitable news articles for podcast discussion, promising a more personalized and efficient preparation method for podcasters.

It is designed to facilitate and enrich the content discovery phase, which is fundamental to podcast production.The system works by integrating with ChatGPT to interpret user input and provide recommended news topics based on the conversational context.

In addition to providing suggested news articles, it can help in structuring the talking points for the podcast. This feature can prove beneficial to podcast creators, particularly those who focus on news-related content and strive to deliver up-to-date, relevant stories to their audience.

The NewsPod Assistant employs the user's preferences to tailor the content, making the news report selection process more intuitive and less time-consuming.

Hence, this GPT harnesses artificial intelligence capabilities to not only enhance content quality but also improve efficiency in podcast production. However, to use NewsPod Assistant, one must have ChatGPT Plus.

All in all, NewsPod Assistant stands as a useful tool for podcasters looking to implement AI in their content discovery process. The tool is built for those seeking a more engaging and automated way to find and discuss the most pertinent news stories in their podcast episodes.


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NewsPod Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 31st 2023.
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