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Streamlined podcast content creation and promotion.
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ToastyAI is a tool designed to streamline podcast promotion by automatically generating various types of content for each podcast episode. With this tool, users can effortlessly create social media posts, transcripts, show notes, blog articles, and more.

The AI-powered chat tool within ToastyAI can generate high accuracy transcriptions, more reliable than Google's, saving users time and effort. Additionally, the tool provides automatically generated show notes, complete with timestamps, as well as ready-to-post articles on podcast topics, averaging around 750 words for every 30 minutes of content.ToastyAI offers a seamless user experience, allowing podcast creators to focus on producing great episodes while the tool takes care of generating engaging and diverse content.

By leveraging the AI platform, users can create catchy title ideas, unlimited social media posts on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit, and easily repurpose and reinvigorate old episodes.

ToastyAI is committed to supporting creators with features that enable marketing without guesswork, helping them become omnichannel by utilizing multiple platforms.ToastyAI offers different pricing plans, starting with a free trial episode option, allowing users to get a taste of the tool's capabilities.

Subscribers have the flexibility to choose between monthly and yearly plans, with the option to cancel anytime and receive refunds with no questions asked.

The tool caters to a range of podcast creators, from individuals and small to medium-sized podcasts to established and growing podcast networks.


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ToastyAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates social media posts
Creates transcripts
Provides show notes
Develops blog articles
High accuracy transcriptions
Automatic show note generation
Ready-to-post articles generation
Supports multi-platform social media
Can repurpose old episodes
Chat tool for content generation
Catchy title ideas generation
Seamless user experience
Supports various pricing plans
Offers free trial option
Flexible monthly and yearly plans
Easy cancellation and refund policy
Transcripts more reliable than Google
Facilitates omnichannel marketing
Flexible plans for creator sizes
key chapters generation
high quality transcription service
Unlimited social media content generation
Unused credits roll over
Monthly and yearly plans
User-friendly interface
SEO-optimized long-form article generation
Supports 9 languages
Reinvigorates old episodes
Promotion advice for creators
Automated promotional content generation
Caters to individual and network creators
Creates detailed articles based on duration
Can breathe new life into old episodes
Distributes credits for yearly plans
Can complement promotional efforts
Unused credits roll over
Free trial available
Supports variety of languages
Detailed article creation
Turnaround time in minutes
Evergreen marketing asset pros
Hours saved in content creation
Helps maintain consistent online presence
No credit card required for free trial
Effortless podcast promotion
Can attract new listeners


Focuses only on podcasts
No multi-language transcription
Doesn't distinguish between speakers
Limited content types
No mobile application
Refund only on subscription cancellation
No podcast hosting features
Fixed word counts for articles
Pricing based on upload hours
No direct social media integration


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Can ToastyAI generate catchy title ideas for my podcast?
Can I get a refund for ToastyAI subscriptions?
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What does ToastyAI's AI-powered chat tool do?
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