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Readbox is an innovative tool powered by advanced AI models. At its core, it's a platform that transforms long-form written content into listenable formats akin to podcasts.

Users have the ability to submit a URL or forward an email to the service, which then gets converted into audio. Users are offered the option to listen to extracted content via their favorite podcast platforms, offering value in terms of convenience and accessibility, particularly for commutes, workouts, and during household chores.

Readbox deeply values creators, thereby ensuring all converted content is correctly attributed to its original author and that these are only ever privately distributed.

Each user's generated feed is entirely private and only accessible by them. The service operates using open standards, which makes it compatible with a variety of existing podcast players, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, among others.

While it currently lacks integration with Spotify, future integration is planned. Alternatively, feeds can be listened to directly on the Readbox website.

The tool is devoted to supporting creators in reaching new audiences in addition to enhancing the value of their work.


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Readbox was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Content to podcast conversion
Supports URL and email submissions
Private user feeds
Original author content attribution
Open standards compatibility
Works with various podcast platforms
Direct website listening
Future Spotify integration
Promotes creator audience reach
Enhances content value
Supporting long-form writing
Email submission of content
Free during early access
Premium voices feature
Custom RSS feed
Unlimited submissions
Commuting, workouts, chores usability
Helps creators reach new audience
Private and accessible feeds


No Spotify integration currently
Private audio feeds only
No direct narration customization
$10/month for Pro features
Conversion limited to long-form content
Need to forward emails
No multi-user feed access
Content source may vary
Ad-supported free version
No offline listening


What are the capabilities of Readbox's AI models?
How does Readbox convert written content into a listenable format?
How can I submit a URL or an email to Readbox?
Can I listen to converted content on any podcast platform?
Does Readbox work with both Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts?
Is it true that Readbox ensures all converted content is correctly attributed to its original author?
How is Readbox protecting user privacy?
Will my generated feed on Readbox be entirely private?
How does Readbox practice open standards?
What podcast players are compatible with Readbox?
Can I listen to the feeds directly on the Readbox website?
Is there a possibility for future integration with Spotify?
How does Readbox support content creators?
Can I submit any form of content to [email protected]?
What does Readbox mean by premium voices?
Is unlimited submissions a feature of every Readbox plan?
How does Readbox maintain content quality?
How does Readbox increase the value of creator's work?
Why doesn't Spotify currently support RSS on Readbox?
What is the meaning of the content being only privately distributed by Readbox?

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