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Wysper is an AI-enabled tool designed to aid in the seamless transformation of audio content such as podcasts, webinars, and interviews into written content.

It is tailored to save time and enhance content engagement by automating the content creation process, thereby allowing businesses and podcasters to optimize their audio content.

With Wysper, users can transcribe their audio files into multiple content forms such as blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, and ad copies, as well as translate them into various languages to reach a wider audience.

Additional features of this tool include the provision of speaker-separated transcripts with high rate of accuracy, time-stamp formatting that suits platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, and the automatic creation of show notes and summaries.

Wysper can work with any standard audio format and even supports audio upload via YouTube URL. The tool also includes provisions for editing the transcribed content and publishing the finalized content across various marketing channels.

Accessibility to the tool's full features can be obtained through different subscription plans.


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Wysper was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Audio to text converter
Turns audio to blogs
Turns audio to newsletters
Turns audio to ads
Translates into various languages
Supports multiple content forms
Highly accurate transcripts
Speaker-separated transcripts
Timestamp formatting
Autocreation of summaries
Autocreation of show notes
Supports standard audio formats
YouTube URL audio upload
Includes editing provisions
Option to publish content
Various subscription plans
Automates content creation
Time-saving tool
Enhances content engagement
Works with podcasts, webinars
Translates to 95+ languages
Content creation for marketing
Content creation for social media
Custom outputs available
Save generated content forever
Automates content workflow
Increases engagement across platforms
Easy consumption and discovery
Works with YouTube, Spotify
Works with Google, FB ads
Turns audio into show notes
Transcribes mp3, mpeg, mpga
Transcribes m4a, or webm, .wav
Transcribes MP4, MOV, AVI
Audio upload via YouTube URL
Automated post-production workflow
Formatted for email, blogs, LinkedIn
Formatted for Twitter and more
99% accurate transcription
Supports English, Spanish, French
Supports German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese


Limited language transcription support
Paid subscription for full features
Accuracy may vary
Dependent on internet connectivity
Limited file formats supported
Potential privacy concerns
No offline mode
No free version available
Limited content editing functions
Subscription plans might be expensive


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Can Wysper help transform my podcast content into social media posts?
Does Wysper support YouTube audio upload?
Are there editing features available on Wysper?
What functionalities does Wysper offer for publishing my finalized content?
What audio formats are compatible with Wysper?
Can I use Wysper for webinar transcriptions?
How does Wysper differentiate speakers in the transcription service?
Is time stamping available in Wysper transcripts?
How does Wysper contribute to content optimization?
Can Wysper auto-generate show notes and summaries?
Do I need a subscription to access all of Wysper’s features?
Is there a way to save my transcribed content with Wysper permanently?
Is Wysper a good tool for content marketing purposes?
Can I use Wysper as a tool for my podcast content management?
How does the multilingual support of Wysper assist in content reach?

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