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Produce internal podcasts for organizations.
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Si:cross is an internal podcast solution that helps organizations to plan, produce, and promote podcasts for their employees. This AI-powered tool assists users in choosing compelling topics, structuring their thoughts, managing the end-to-end production process, collecting episode ideas, assembling a team, defining their audience, and sharing episodes.

Si:cross is designed to enhance employee engagement and foster open communication within organizations. The tool provides a platform for internal crisis communication, all-hands meetings, IPO updates, news and insights updates, and leaders' perceptions.

By using Si:cross, organizations can ensure that their employees remain connected, informed, and engaged, especially during remote work or pandemic times.

The tool is powered by Cookiebot, a platform that helps websites and organizations to comply with data privacy regulations by collecting consents from users.

Si:cross users have control over their data privacy and can customize their cookies settings for various types of cookies. Si:cross offers a range of pricing options to fit the budget needs of different organizations.

Overall, Si:cross helps organizations to leverage the power of podcasting for internal communication and knowledge sharing, simplifying the podcasting planning and production processes and allowing more flexibility in listening modes.


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Sicross was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Podcast planning assistance
Helps in topic selection
Manages end-to-end production
Idea collection for episodes
Team assembly functionality
Defines listening audience
Facilitates sharing of episodes
Enhances employee engagement
Fosters open internal communication
Utility for crisis communication
Platform for all-hands meetings
IPO updates provision
News and insights updates
Sharing of leaders' perceptions
Data privacy control
Customizable cookies settings
Range of pricing options
Efficiency for remote work
Facilitates knowledge sharing
Cookiebot powered tool
Compliance with data privacy regulation
Internal podcast solution
Workspace for leadership podcast
Tracks planning progress
Invite team members feature
One-click episode delivery
Analytics for episode performance
On-demand mobile listening
Enhances work flexibility


No analytics provided
No offline functionality
No live recording support
Lacks collaboration tools
Depends on Cookiebot
Lacks integration options
No multi-language support
Focused on internal podcasting only
Limited customization options
No transcription services


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How does Si:cross contribute to internal communication in an organization?
Can I control who listens to my podcast on Si:cross?
What is the role of Cookiebot in Si:cross?
How does Si:cross adhere to data privacy regulations?
What are the various pricing options for Si:cross?
Can I use Si:cross for crisis communication within my organization?
How can Si:cross assist with audience definition for my podcast?
Can Si:cross help with topic selection for my podcast?
How does Si:cross support podcast production?
How does sharing of podcast episodes work on Si:cross?
Can Si:cross provide analytics for my podcast episodes?
Does Si:cross also offer mobile access?
Is Si:cross suitable for remote work or pandemic times communication?
How does Si:cross enhance employee engagement?
What are some example use-cases of Si:cross?
Does Si:cross have customized cookie settings?


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