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Jellypod is an AI-powered tool designed to transform e-mail newsletters into custom-daily podcasts. This tool is targeted towards individuals who have busy schedules or an array of subscriptions, helping them to streamline their intake of information.

Upon subscribing to newsletters via a unique Jellypod email, users will receive a daily podcast summarizing the content of these newsletters. The tool uses AI voice technology to convert the written content into audio in an engaging, digestible format.

Jellypod embraces an audio-first approach, aiming to reduce screen time and allow users to consume their news during various activities like commuting or exercising.

The application also includes a built-in email reader for those who want to deep-dive into specific newsletters' content. An additional feature is email forwarding, allowing users to automatically send newsletters to their personal inboxes.

Jellypod aims to be not only a mechanism for delivering personalized news, but also a tool for maintaining an organized inbox, free from the clutter often associated with multiple subscriptions.

The tool offers an innovative solution for staying up-to-date with newsletters in a unique, audio format tailored to the individuals specific interests and lifestyle.


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Jan 17, 2024
The best way to get my news!

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Jellypod was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Transforms e-mails into podcasts
Custom-daily podcasts
Targeted towards busy individuals
Unique, audio digest format
Reduces screen time
Allows news consumption while multitasking
Built-in email reader
Email forwarding feature
Assistance in maintaining an organized inbox
Personalized news delivery
Convenience for staying updated
Tailored to individual interests
Unique Jellypod email
Daily summary of newsletters
Multitasks-reading and other activities
Enables deep dive into newsletters
Automates newsletters to personal inbox
Breaks from traditional one-size-fits-all approach
Email reader for entire content
Allows check on newsletter details
Sends critical updates without distractions
Saves reading time
Increases productivity
Efficient information downloading
Helps stay informed on various topics
Read without the clutter
Single, personal podcast
No screen-time distractions
High level news delivery
Users benefit during commuting
Beneficial to varied interest individuals
Available on App Store
Generates unique email for subscribing
Concise recap of daily news
Break from traditional news format
Content curation tailored to you
Integration with iOS and Android
Community updates
Accessible during various activities
Email subscription transformation
Personalized auditory news digest
Saves from sifting through newsletters
Eliminates junk and promotions
Leads to increased productivity
Interface for specific newsletters
Efficiency in staying informed
Option to enable email forwarding
Reader-view for newsletters
Content summary in audio


Limited to newsletters
Won't work offline
Potentially garbled summaries
No manual content curation
Dependent on email subscriptions
No other languages supported
Requires specific Jellypod email
Cannot adjust audio speed
No desktop version
Only available on the App Store


What is Jellypod and what does it do?
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Does Jellypod offer daily podcasts for all subscribed newsletters?
What strategies does Jellypod use to reduce screen time?
How does Jellypod's audio-first approach assist in multi-tasking?
What additional features does Jellypod provide besides transforming emails into podcasts?
How can I dive deep into specific newsletters content within Jellypod?
Can I forward my emails to my personal inbox using Jellypod?
How does Jellypod help in managing and organizing my inbox?
Is Jellypod primarily a news delivering system or a toolbox for organization?
How do I download and install Jellypod on my device?
Does Jellypod offer a unique tailor-made audio format for individuals?
Can I adjust the speed and voice of the daily podcast in Jellypod?
Is there a sample podcast I can listen to before registering for Jellypod?
How is Jellypod different from other newsletter apps and services?
Can I share my Jellypod podcasts with others?
Is Jellypod available on both iOS and Android platforms?
What are the steps to get started with Jellypod?


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