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Inbox Narrator
Voice assistant email summaries delivered.

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Inbox Narrator is an AI-powered email summarization tool that delivers daily summaries of new emails to users' voice assistants, such as Siri or Google Assistant.

The tool connects to users' Gmail accounts and uses AI to generate human-level summaries of new emails, which are securely delivered to the user's voice assistant every morning.

The service is available by monthly subscription for a fee of $3.99. After completing a simple registration process and linking their Gmail account, users can set up a command for their voice assistant to fetch the daily email summary.

Inbox Narrator prioritizes user privacy and security, requiring only read-only access to Gmail accounts and ensuring that email content is never stored.

Currently, the tool provides a general summary of new inbox emails, though there may be more customization options available in the future. Users can cancel their subscription at any time and are offered a money-back guarantee within the first month if they are not satisfied with the service.

Inbox Narrator is designed to work with Gmail, though support for other email providers may be added based on user feedback and demand. Overall, Inbox Narrator provides an efficient and convenient way for users to stay on top of daily emails without having to physically read through each message.

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Pros and Cons


Delivers email summaries through voice
Links to Gmail accounts
Generates human-level summaries
Only requires read-only Gmail access
Ensures email content isn't stored
Subscription based with a reasonable fee
Money-back satisfaction guarantee in first month
Future customization options
Support for other email providers possible
Easy account setup
Flexible cancellation
Secure user data handling
Compatible with any Siri or Google Assistant device
Subscription can be paused.


Only connects to Gmail
No customization options
Works only with Siri/Google Assistant
No email content storage
Monthly subscription required
Limited control over summaries
No support for other email providers
Doesn't support all devices
No live customer support


What exactly is Inbox Narrator?
How does Inbox Narrator work?
What are the key features of Inbox Narrator?
How does Inbox Narrator prioritize user privacy and security?
Does Inbox Narrator require any special access to my Gmail account?
Is Inbox Narrator only compatible with Gmail?
How much does Inbox Narrator cost?
What is the subscription process for Inbox Narrator?
Can I cancel my Inbox Narrator subscription anytime?
Does Inbox Narrator offer a refund if I am not satisfied with the service?
What voice assistants is Inbox Narrator compatible with?
How can I set up a command for my voice assistant to fetch the daily email summary?
What time in the morning will the email summaries be delivered?
Does Inbox Narrator provide only general summaries or can I customize them?
How does Inbox Narrator ensure my email content isn't stored?
What happens to my email data once it's summarized?
Are there any future plans to support other email providers besides Gmail?
How can I contact Inbox Narrator's customer support for queries or feedback?
Is Inbox Narrator's service accessible on multiple devices?
What level of email summary detail can I expect from Inbox Narrator?

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