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Converts written content into concise audio podcasts.
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Zivy Listen is an AI tool that converts written articles into concise and engaging audio podcasts. Designed for mobile use, it allows users to transform a 20-minute read into a impactful, 5-minute listen, making it ideal for on-the-go consumption.

The tool supports various formats including web articles, PDFs, and text documents, enabling users to upload content from their iPhone or computer. Zivy Listen stands out as the only app specifically built for summarizing and listening to academic papers.

It utilizes AI and GPT integration to extract the key insights from the articles, even before the user starts reading. Users have the flexibility to select the sections they want to listen to, such as the summary, abstract, or conclusion, saving time and enabling a customized listening experience.

Zivy Listen also offers note-taking functionality, allowing users to easily highlight sections and review them later. The tool facilitates sharing papers and notes among friends, creating a collaborative platform for future reference.

With a user-friendly interface and positive reviews, Zivy Listen helps users increase their productivity and reading habits. It offers crystal clear and realistic voices, enhancing the listening experience.

Overall, Zivy Listen is an efficient tool for extracting key insights from articles and transforming them into convenient podcasts for busy individuals looking to stay informed and grow their knowledge.


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Zivy Listens was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 5th 2023.
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