Too Long
Extracting info via article summarization.

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Too Long is a Chrome Extension that utilizes AI technology to summarize articles quickly and efficiently. With a simple click, users can extract the most significant information from any article, saving time and effort.

The tool presents the summarized content in a concise and easy-to-read format, making it convenient for users who prefer shorter summaries. In addition to web browsing, Too Long can be utilized for educational purposes, allowing users to summarize educational text content with just one click.

This feature can streamline the learning process by condensing lengthy educational articles into shorter, digestible summaries. Furthermore, Too Long is not limited to a single language, as it provides summarization capabilities in nine different languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese.

This functionality helps users overcome language barriers and access summarized information in their preferred language.Too Long is accessible through the Chrome Extension, enabling users to easily install and integrate it into their browsing experience.

The tool also offers a blog section, although it is currently marked as "coming soon." Users can refer to the provided privacy policy for information on how their data is handled.

Too Long's social media presence can be found on Twitter, and the tool's logo has been created by Flaticon.

Too Long was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


One-click article summarization
Summarizes in 9 languages
Summarizes educational text
Summarizes web browsing content
Easy Chrome extension installation
Clear, concise summaries
Overcomes language barriers
Quick information extraction
Time-saving tool
Streamlines learning process
Accessible through Chrome Extension
Integrates with browsing experience


Only Chrome extension
No API integration
Blog feature incomplete
Limited to 9 languages
Limited social media presence
No mobile app
Largely education-focused
No offline functionality
Restricted to summarizing articles
Logo not original


What is Too Long?
How does Too Long work?
Is Too Long easy to use?
What is the main purpose of Too Long?
Can Too Long be used for educational purposes?
What languages does Too Long support?
How do I install Too Long?
Is Too Long only available as a Chrome Extension?
Does Too Long have a blog?
What is Too Long's privacy policy?
Does Too Long have a social media presence?
Who designed the logo for Too Long?
Can Too Long be used on any website?
How can Too Long help with my learning process?
How does Too Long extract information from articles?
Can Too Long summarize news articles and blog posts?
What makes Too Long different from other summarization tools?
Is Too Long suitable for non-English speakers?
Does Too Long offer multilingual summarization?
How does Too Long handle my data?

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