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Podcast marketing support.
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Recast Studio is an AI-powered tool designed to assist podcasters in marketing their podcast episodes effectively. With Recast Studio, users can automatically transform their podcast episodes into various forms of content in just minutes.

This includes generating short video clips, writing detailed show notes, creating blog posts optimized for SEO and readability, generating social media posts for platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, and drafting captivating emails with podcast summaries and key takeaways.The tool employs generative AI to extract the most engaging highlights from podcast episodes, allowing users to create social-ready video clips effortlessly.

Additionally, Recast Studio provides templates with automatic captions specifically designed for engagement on social media platforms. The tool also features a simple and easy-to-use editor that enables customization of clips to match the user's brand.By utilizing Recast Studio, podcasters can save significant time and effort, as the tool automates tasks that would otherwise require hours of manual work.

With Recast Studio, users can automate the transcription process, generate show notes with summaries and timestamps, draft social media posts, create branded audiogram/video clips, and more.Furthermore, Recast Studio aids in increasing the reach of podcasts by generating viral shorts, posts, and content for blogs or newsletters.

The tool offers an advanced editor for designing customized templates, complete with animated waveform visualization, automatic captions, progress bars, animated text, emojis, shapes, and GIFs.By providing a complete toolkit for podcast promotion, including SEO optimization through automatically generated transcripts, show notes, and blog posts, Recast Studio enables podcasters to maximize the value of their podcast content and enhance their online presence.


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Recast Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 5th 2023.
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