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Instantly transcribe, clip, and perfect your episodes.
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Voscribe is an automatic transcription service predominantly catering to podcast and video creators. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, it provides remarkably accurate transcriptions of audio or video, thereby eliminating the traditional time-consuming manual transcription process.

The tool promises a quick turnaround time, producing transcripts from recorded content. Voscribe is also equipped with an Editor function which allows users to easily fine-tune and edit their transcripts.

Each transcription provided by the platform is synchronized with the source audio, making modifications straightforward and user-friendly. Another notable feature of Voscribe is the automatic subtitle generation; users can effortlessly export their transcripts in SubRip (SRT) format for creating subtitles for their video episodes.

The service's primary goal is to streamline the process of content creation by saving creators valuable time and providing them with the tools necessary for efficient content editing and repurposing.


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Voscribe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Remarkably accurate transcriptions
Quick turnaround time
Integrated Editor function
Transcription synchronized with source
Automatic subtitle generation
Exports in SubRip format
Time-saving tool
Supports content repurposing
Podcast and video support
Enhanced content editing
Effortless transcript export
1 minute transcription for 15 minutes audio
Easy-to-use software
Streamlines content creation
Promotes content efficiency


Only supports SubRip format
No support for live transcription
Custom editing options limited
Transcriptions only sync with source audio
No multilingual support mentioned
Focuses mainly on podcast/video creators
Unclear pricing structure
No API for developers
Limited integrations with other platforms
No mobile app mentioned


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Can I edit transcripts on Voscribe?
What is the Editor function in Voscribe?
Are transcripts on Voscribe synchronized with the source audio?
What file format does Voscribe use for subtitle exports?
Who are the target users of Voscribe?
How can Voscribe streamline the process of content creation?
Does Voscribe support multiple languages?
How does Voscribe's automatic subtitle generation work?
Can I download the transcriptions from Voscribe?
Does Voscribe provide automatic transcriptions for podcasts?
How efficient is Voscribe in terms of time-saving?
How does Voscribe assist in content editing and repurposing?
How does Voscribe leverage machine learning algorithms?
Is Voscribe equipped with any free transcript tools?
What is SubRip (SRT) format in Voscribe?

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