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Scrybecast is an AI tool that helps transform podcast shows into text effortlessly. With this tool, users can upload their podcast episodes and generate accurate transcripts in written form.

Scrybecast also offers additional features such as summaries of the topics discussed in the podcast, title ideas for episodes, proposed posts for LinkedIn and X, pre-written newsletter content, and structured blog articles.The tool operates in three simple steps.

First, users upload their audio files, links, or RSS feeds of the episodes they want to work on. Then, they can select the type of deliverables they want to obtain, such as transcripts, summaries, titles, social media posts, newsletter content, or blog articles.

Finally, with just a click, Scrybecast generates the desired content.Users have praised Scrybecast for its time-saving capabilities and its potential to assist podcast creators.

While the tool has been described as interesting for podcast promotion, users note that additional editing is required for truly high-quality content.

Nonetheless, the transcript quality has been highlighted as top-notch.Scrybecast is available for use in French, making it a valuable tool for podcast creators in the French-speaking market.

The tool has been commended for its accuracy, with users finding the generated content to be impressive, apart from occasional punctuation errors or misplacement of breathing pauses.

Overall, Scrybecast is praised as a quality tool that significantly reduces the workload and provides a streamlined solution for transforming podcasts into written content.


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Scrybecast was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 30th 2023.
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