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Your AI podcasting copilot.
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Relevant is a podcast production tool, functioning as an AI co-pilot while recording podcasts. The tool is designed to augment the podcast creation process with real-time content suggestion and topic detection functionality.

As you record your podcast, Relevant pulls related web content, such as from Reddit, YouTube, and news sources, into a dashboard for rapid exploration and idea development.

It uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the content of your conversation and determine the key topics being discussed. These include people, companies, and locations.

These topics can then be used to filter the content feeds for more focused and relevant information. For Pro users, Relevant provides a valuable feature of real-time transcription.

Podcasts are automatically transcribed, with the resultant transcripts saved to the user's account. These transcripts can be retrieved and downloaded anytime for fact-checking or search purposes.

Podcasts are also tagged with their detected topics, aiding users and listeners in tracking interesting topics across episodes. These features make Relevant a comprehensive and powerful tool for elevating podcast production and organization.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time content suggestion
Topic detection functionality
Pulls related web content
Dashboard for idea development
Proprietary algorithms for analysis
Focus on key topics
Feeds for focused information
Real-time transcription for Pro users
Automatic transcript saving
Transcripts downloadable anytime
Transcripts useful for fact-checking
Podcasts tagged with topics
Elevated podcast production
Enhanced podcast organization
Content curation tool
Access to various news sources
Tracks key topics across episodes
No need for manual Googling
Dashboard customization for Pro users
Content source expansion
Interactive podcast enhancing tool
Features visual depictions
Augments podcast creation process
Cross-episode topic tracking
Search over saved transcripts


No offline capabilities
Limited content sources
No dashboard customization
Transcription only for Pro users
No multi-language support
Transcripts not editable
No mobile app
No live customer support
No collaborative features
Tagging not user-managed


What is Relevant?
How does Relevant assist in the podcast creation process?
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Can Relevant pull related web content?
From which sites does Relevant source its content feeds?
What does Relevant analyze to determine the key discussion topics?
How does Relevant use identified topics to filter content feeds?
Does Relevant transcribe podcasts in real time?
How do I retrieve the podcast transcripts?
Are there any specific features provided only for Pro users?
How does Relevant tag a podcast?
Can I download the transcript of my podcast?
Is there a dashboard where I can explore related web content?
Can Relevant suggest content based on companies and locations discussed?
How can Relevant improve podcast production and organization?
Can I track interesting topics across podcast episodes using Relevant?
Can I customize my dashboard on the Relevant app?
Does Relevant save the transcripts to my account automatically?
Why does Relevant tag podcasts with their detected topics?

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