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Create your own ChatGPT AI with Visus
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Visus is an AI tool that allows users to build their own ChatGPT AI, specifically trained on user-provided documents and knowledge base. It's designed to comprehend user's language and generates quick, precise responses to questions pertaining to the user's resources.

With a simple setup process, users can upload their documents for analysis and organization, tailoring the AI to their specific language and information.

The user-friendly interface of Visus enables users to easily adjust parameters such as sensitivity and accuracy to meet their needs. It's not only useful for text generation for websites or answering customer queries, but it offers users full customization and control of their AI.

Visus is also able to process user inquiries, searching through trained documents to provide accurate and relevant results. The technology is designed to comprehend user's language and learns from user documents, delivering personalized results that address the user's specific needs.Visus prioritizes security, privacy, and compliance.

All data is encrypted during transit using TLS 1.2+ with perfect forward secrecy, and user data on servers uses full disk, AES 256 encryption. Additionally, Visus strictly enforces permissions, providing answers only using information that users are allowed to access.

Any permissions changes are reflected by Visus immediately. Visus also integrates with various apps such Google Drive, Confluence, Notion, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord, thereby granting users access to its capabilities across multiple platforms.

With a Chrome Extension, users can access their AI from any location.


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Pros and Cons


Trained on user-specific documents
Understands natural language
Quick, accurate responses
Fully customizable
Secure data encryption
Simple three-step setup
Integration with popular apps
Used by top-tier companies
Suitable for individuals and teams
Encryption in transit
AES 256 storage encryption
Comprehensive permission enforcement
Updates reflect permission changes
Supports cross-platform use
Chrome extension for universal access
Text generation capabilities
User-friendly interface
Easy parameter adjustments
Document processing efficiency
Immediate question answering
Unlocks insights from data
Works with Google Drive, Confluence, Notion
Works with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord
Aids in customer support
Promotes efficient data analysis
High configurability for personal needs
Processes inquiries effectively
Efficient language comprehension
Active work towards SOC 2 compliance


Not SOC 2 compliant yet
Unclear update parameters
No offline functionality
Not open source
Accuracy unknown
Dependent on good documentation
No native mobile application
Limited integration options


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How can I get started with Visus?
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