Notion Q&A 02 Mar 2023
Search Notion pages instantly with synced context.

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Zomory is a search engine that enables users to search through all of their Notion pages, including subpages, and provides immediate results. This tool ensures that users never lose data in their Notion workspace due to its AI-powered automatic syncing, making it easy for users to find information even if they don't have detailed knowledge of the specific keywords.

Zomory saves the user's team time by providing up-to-date results and eliminating the need for manually copying or uploading PDFs. The tool also provides confidence in results by giving sources that provide context to help users understand search results.

Additionally, Zomory integrates with Slack so that users can search their Notion workspace from anywhere. The tool tracks searches and knowledge base gaps so that users can learn where to add more information.

Zomory is easy to use, requiring users to sign up for a free trial, connect their Notion workspace to Zomory and start searching. Overall, Zomory is a powerful tool that enables knowledge workers to find information with ease in their Notion workspace.


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