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Pregnancy and post-birth support for new mothers.
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Soula.Care is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to provide personalized educational and emotional support to individuals during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

The tool utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to harness the collective wisdom of top birth and parenthood professionals from around the world.The functionality of Soula.Care includes evidence-based, structured content that offers information and practical tips for navigating pregnancy, birth, and baby care, with an emphasis on supporting mental health.

It also features a personalized AI-based chatbot, powered by GPT3 technology, which has been expertly crafted using the combined doula experience of over 30,000 moms.

This chatbot provides round-the-clock support and trusted information to enhance satisfaction, reduce postpartum depression, and foster stronger relationships.Additionally, Soula.Care offers a pregnancy planner and tracker that is thoughtfully designed with a mental health-oriented approach.

Users can download the app on their mobile devices via the App Store or Google Play.The expertise behind Soula.Care is derived from a team of doulas, psychologists, certified birth doulas, and other professionals who contribute their knowledge and experience to the platform.

The tool also benefits from the mentorship and investment of individuals such as Natalia Vodianova and Katsia Domankova, who bring their expertise in pregnancy care and commitment to maternal and child health.Overall, Soula.Care is a comprehensive AI tool that aims to provide constant professional support for new moms, offering reliable information, emotional support, and guidance throughout the pregnancy journey and beyond.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized educational support
Emotional support offering
Wellbeing focused tool
Experienced professionals involved
GPT3 powered chatbot
Round-the-clock support
Reliable information provision
Reducing postpartum depression aim
Fostering stronger relationships
Pregnancy planner feature
Pregnancy tracker feature
Mental health-oriented approach
Mobile app availability
Expertise from psychologists
Expertise from doulas
In-app maternity professionals
Collaboration with UNICEF
Developed by mothers
Data-driven product changes
Supports DEI in workplace
Enhanced user satisfaction
Family discord reduction
Access to expert knowledge
Evidence-based, structured content
Comprehensive maternity support
Available on App Store
Available on Google Play
Supports maternal mental health
Applied research team involved
Reducing information overload
Support community creation
Helps with self-advocacy
Involved investors and mentors
Impact investing model
Connections with healthcare professionals
User-focused information personalization
Smart chatbot guidance
Customized content programs
Thorough pregnancy journey support
Access to expert knowledge
Effective provider communication
Developed by certified doulas
Top-tier NLP and ML recognition
Developed by dietitians
Involved in health tech
Collaborations with tech startups
Improves maternal and child health
Supports sustainable future
Supports natural language generation
Easy access to professionals


Limited to pregnancy support
Relies heavily on chatbot
No web application available
No multiple language support
Lacks direct human support
Limited to App store and Google Play
Lacks third-party integration
No offline functionality
Lacks customization features
Does not support health tracking


What is Soula.Care?
How does Soula.Care support individuals during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period?
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Who are the professionals behind the creation of Soula.Care's content?
What features does Soula.Care offer?
How can I access Soula.Care's features?
Does Soula.Care have a mobile application?
Which operating systems support the Soula.Care app?
Who are the mentors and investors behind Soula.Care?
What measures does Soula.Care implement for mental health support during pregnancy?
How does the AI-based chatbot in Soula.Care work?
What is the expertise of the team behind Soula.Care?
Can Soula.Care assist in reducing postpartum depression?
Does Soula.Care offer personalized educational content?
How does Soula.Care track the progress of my pregnancy?
Can Soula.Care provide practical tips for baby care?
Is Soula.Care available for download on the App Store and Google Play?
How can I contact Soula.Care support for additional help?
Does Soula.Care use GPT3 technology for its chatbot?
Who are the specific professionals contributing to the knowledge base of Soula.Care?

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