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Lumina is an AI-powered research suite that assists with the process of discovering, researching, and understanding research papers. This tool offers a chat feature that enables users to converse with a collection of documents, including those uploaded to Lumina and those added from external sources.

Lumina is designed to be treated like an expert in the field of natural science. Users can submit queries to Lumina for understanding concepts, carrying out tasks like writing abstracts or experiment procedures or getting answers to their questions.

The tool uses cited responses to answer user queries and if it is unable to provide a direct response, it generates a list of relevant references that are open-access and hyperlinked to the full article.

Lumina's database includes around 200K papers across different subject areas. The database constantly grows and users can request the addition of certain journals or subjects through Discord or direct email.

Users can expect Lumina to provide accurate and well-cited responses to their queries. Lumina is a helpful tool for researchers, scholars, students, and anyone who needs assistance in understanding, researching, or discovering scientific literature.


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Pros and Cons


Chat feature
Interaction with documents
Tasks automation
Well-cited responses
Generates relevant references list
Supports open-access references
Hyperlinked references
Large database (200K papers)
Database constantly grows
Add journals/subjects upon request
Tool treated as expert
Accurate responses
Helpful for researchers
Helpful for students
Works with external sources
Can upload own PDFs


Limited to natural sciences
No multi-language support
Limited database size
Depends on user inputs
Limited to open-access references
No offline availability
Reliant on external sources
No cross-platform support
No mobile app
Limited subject areas available


What is Lumina's primary function?
How does Lumina's chat feature work?
Can Lumina reply to any type of query or is it limited to certain subjects?
Does Lumina only use previously uploaded documents to answer queries?
How does Lumina handle queries that it can't directly answer?
What is the size of Lumina's database?
Can users request the addition of certain journals or subjects to Lumina's database?
How can one get in touch with Lumina's team for special requests?
What kind of responses should users expect from Lumina?
Is Lumina's sole focus natural science or can it cater to other fields as well?
How accurate are the responses given by Lumina?
Can anyone use Lumina or is it specifically designed for researchers and scholars?
What role does Lumina play in writing abstracts or experiment procedures?
How does Lumina ensure that all answers are cited?
Can Lumina be used for discovering and researching research papers only or can it be used for other purposes as well?
Can a user upload their own PDFs as sources for Lumina?
How often does Lumina's database grow?
Are there any restrictions or limitations to Lumina's capabilities?
Does Lumina provide hyperlinked references?
What kind of scientific literature can Lumina assist in understanding?


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