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Creating stunning square mobile game icons, tailored to your unique style.
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Sample prompts:
Design an icon for 'Super Cleaner', 3D Rendering style
Need an icon for 'Speed Booster', Rocket, flat desgin style, green and white.
Create an icon for 'Puzzle Mania', minimalist style, pastel colors.
Design an icon for 'Space Odyssey', futuristic, neon colors.
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Create App Icon is a GPT tool that specializes in the creation of square-shaped icons for mobile games. These icons are custom designed to align with the unique style and concept of the individual app.

The tool is designed to perceive and process user inputs specifying the app's title, desired design style and color palettes to create fitting app icons.

From 3D rendering styles to minimalist designs, this GPT tool can translate a wide variety of design principles to create icons that truly represent the app's essence.

Some examples of prompt starters include designing an icon with a 'Rocket, flat design style, in green and white for 'Speed Booster' or creating an icon for 'Puzzle Mania' with a minimalist style using pastel colors.

Users looking to add a touch of futuristic themes to their app icons may also specify neon colors for designs such as those for 'Space Odyssey'. Given its adaptive design capabilities, Create App Icon is a useful tool for app developers looking to create distinct and captivating icons that can effectively convey their apps' identity and purpose.


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