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Your go-to AI DJ crafting personalized playlists.
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MixMaster GPT is a super-intelligent tool designed to perform as a virtual disc jockey (DJ). Its core function revolves around the curation of music playlists that align with the user's shared taste preferences.

Its sources for music range from international music festivals to Beatport charts. It employs AI technology to make informed selections that create a personalized music experience for the user.

It operates as an add-on to ChatGPT, requiring users to be signed up on ChatGPT Plus to access this feature. MixMaster GPT is created and managed by

Beyond its primary function of crafting playlists, MixMaster GPT also provides additional features like sharing latest news related to electronic music, announcing new music releases, informing users about electronic music events, and providing insights on other topics related to electronic dance music (EDM).

It welcomes users to its interface and then provides them with conversation starters, thereby hosting an interactive and engaging space for users that goes beyond passive song recommendation to include active discussion on various aspects of the music world.


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