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Discover music by mood for Spotify based on tracks.
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Moodify is an AI-powered music discovery tool that helps users find new music based on the mood of the currently playing track. Users can connect Moodify with their Spotify account to get started.

The tool leverages Spotify's "NowPlaying" track and runs it through its AI to recommend best-fit tracks based on several metrics, including genre, tempo, "danceability," key, and speechiness among others.

Moodify's AI is trained to analyze emotional sentiments and thus provides suggestions that come closest to the current mood of the song played on Spotify.

The tool assures users that it does not save any personal information, and users' login details are secured by Spotify. Moodify's interface is user-friendly and straightforward, with a clean design, and offers a minimalist user experience.

Users can log in with their Spotify details to access Moodify's services. The tool is made by, a company that focuses on developing AI-powered solutions.

Users can contact the company through an email contact provided on the page for more information. Overall, Moodify is a useful tool for discovering music that suits the current mood, and its integration with Spotify ensures ease of use for its users.


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Aug 30, 2023
this is very useful 10/10

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Moodify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrated with Spotify
Analyzes emotional sentiments
Provides mood-based recommendations
Utilizes track details metrics
User-friendly interface
Minimalist design
Maintains user privacy
Spotify secures login information
Access via Spotify login
Company contact available
Focus on music discovery
Tracks 'danceability'
Analyzes genre and tempo
Evaluates speechiness of tracks
Considers key of music
No personal data saved


Dependent on Spotify
Limited to current track's mood
May miss other relevant recommendations
Specific genre exclusion not available
Lacks personalization adjustments
No app version
No integration with other platforms
Limited music metrics considered
Connectivity issues with Spotify
Doesn't store previous recommendations


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