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ByJorge Collahuazo
Share your weekly playlist or request daily music recommendation.
GPT welcome message: Hi! What song would you like us to check out for our next episode?
Sample prompts:
¿Cuál es tu canción favorita de la semana?
¿Qué canción nos sugieres?
¿A qué artista nos recomiendas escuchar?
¿En qué plataforma nos escuchas?
¿Cuál es el soundtrack de tu semana?
Cuéntanos cinco canciones que pondrías en tu próximo viaje
Algún paso de baile que sigas haciendo
¿Cuáles son los cinco artistas de tu país que recuerdas en este momento?
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Mixtape Lado A is a GPT focused on music. Its main goal is to provide a platform where users can gain and share their diverse musical recommendations. If you have a favorite song for the week or need some inspiration for your playlist, Mixtape Lado A is here to provide a unique and personalized musical experience.

Apart from song recommendations, users can suggest artists for others to explore and share about their favorite music platforms from where they listen to music.

One of the exciting features of this GPT is that it also encourages users to express themselves through sharing their preferred soundtracks for different moods or situations, and even their beloved dance steps.

This implies that it doesn't only cater to the auditory experience, but it also touches upon sentimental and kinesthetic aspects of enjoying music. The GPT acts as a mutual suggesting 'machine' where users can discover popular and perhaps unfrequented artists or songs from their country and around the world.

The GPT is continuously evolving with inputs from its user base, enriching its ability to provide diverse and new music recommendations accordingly.


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Mixtape Lado A was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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