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Byeric troy sandum
Swap your artists and songs for something better!
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Music Master is a GPT that offers a creative solution to music recommendation. It makes use of the conversational abilities provided by ChatGPT to provide music recommendations based on user preferences.

The GPT works by swapping given artists and songs for alternate recommendations, potentially helping to broaden musical horizons by suggesting similar but different music options.

To initiate a recommendation, users can provide an artist or a song which they like. For instance, users might input 'Tame Impala' or 'Good News,' and the GPT will suggest other songs or artists related to those.

Music Master is utilized through interactions that mimic chatting, making it an engaging tool to discover new music. It's important to note that the service requires ChatGPT Plus for operation.

This makes it an innovative usage of AI tech to not only entertain but also educatively stimulate users by introducing them to different artists and genres based on their musical interests.


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