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Analyzes and recommends music.
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Emusion is an AI music analysis and discovery tool developed by Freshly.ai. The tool allows users to discover music based on their personal musical preferences.

Users can input three songs they enjoy and the tool generates a personalized playlist based on their input. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence technology from open.ai to generate what the creators call "instrumental art".The tool is currently in beta/test version and offers limited functionality.

While users can generate playlists based on their musical preferences, they must manually copy-paste the suggested songs into corresponding platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music, to access them.

Emusion also provides a feature called "Musi-psyche Type" which aims to analyze user's musical tastes and provide insight into their personality. However, the specifics of how this feature works are not disclosed.Freshly.ai is a website launched in February of 2023, that serves as a platform for AI analysis tools and resources.

Its goal is to showcase AI capabilities and limitations while providing resources and inspiration for the AI community.


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Emusion was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized music recommendations
Requires only three songs
Generates 'instrumental art'
Provides 'Musi-psyche Type'
Ability to analyze user music taste
Suggests songs for different platforms
Beta/test version allows for improvements
Integration with YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music
User-friendly song input format
All songs used for generation
Features real artist's music
Part of Freshly.ai platform


Limited functionality
No direct integration with music platforms
Playlist creation not automated
User-input based recommendations only
Lack of transparency in 'Musi-psyche Type'
Only in beta stage
No support for multi-device usage
Recommendations not stored or tracked
Manual copy-pasting for song access


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How accurate is Emusion's music recommendation based on my input?
Can Emusion curate playlists based on my mood?
What is the technology behind Emusion's recommendations?
Why do I have to manually copy-paste the recommended songs into other platforms?
Can I share my Emusion-curated playlist with friends?
How is my 'Musi-psyche Type' determined by Emusion?
Can I input more than three songs on Emusion for a more personalized playlist?
If I don't like the recommendations, does Emusion have the option to refresh and generate a new playlist?
Is Emusion limited to specific music genres?
Are there any future plans to integrate Emusion with streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music?
What improvements can be expected in the full version of Emusion?

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