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Music, Genre & Artist recommender!
GPT welcome message: Hi! Tell me a song or artist you like, and I'll find you something new!
Sample prompts:
Recommend a song like 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.
Who sounds like Lizdek, Isoxo, Knock2 & Moore Kismet?
Jazz & Trip-Hop Artist Suggestions
Music for studying, no vocals.
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Music Artist Curator is a GPT that delivers personalized music, genre and artist recommendations. This unique tool blends AI technology with a vast catalog of music genres and artists to provide users tailored suggestions based on their individual preferences.

It operates on a prompt-driven conversation model, asking users to provide a song, artist, or genre they enjoy, and then using that information to output a recommendation.

Potential use cases extend from asking for a song similar to 'Bohemian Rhapsody', to requesting artists who produce music like Lizdek, Isoxo, Knock2 & Moore Kismet.

Users can also request artist suggestions based on specific genres such as Jazz and Trip-Hop, or ask for music that aligns with certain tasks or moods, like 'music for studying, no vocals'.

Thus, it offers a broad range of services that can cater to various music-related queries. It's important to note that usage of Music Artist Curator requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Users who are passionate about music and are constantly on the lookout for new artists or songs to explore may find great utility in this GPT. The Music Artist Curator, with its smart, personalized recommendations, offers an exciting way to discover your next favorite track or artist.


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