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ByJoshua Schlernitzauer
Finding new music based on your feelings.
GPT welcome message: Tell me about your current mood and location to start finding your music match!
Sample prompts:
What's your current mood like?
Where are you and what are you experiencing now?
What sounds, sights, or smells are around you?
What kind of music are you into these days?
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Music Matchmaker is a GPT designed to suggest new music according to a user's current mood and physical location. Primarily relying on user-provided information such as their feelings and the type of environment around them, the gpt then offers tailored music suggestions.

It is developed to serve as a unique and interactive way to discover new music. It engages users by asking them various questions about their current state and preferences, like 'What's your current mood like?', 'Where are you and what are you experiencing now?' and 'What kind of music are you into these days?'.

By integrating these multiple dimensions of data, it provides a personalized browsing experience and aids in finding the perfect music match. This tool offers the promise of rendering the process of discovering new music more intuitive, emotive, and adaptable to the user's current circumstances.

However, It's important to note that the usage of Music Matchmaker requires ChatGPT Plus.


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