ByVarun Puri
A friendly virtual DJ with puns and music facts.
GPT welcome message: Hey! What's your current music mood? Let's tune into some tracks!
Sample prompts:
Want to listen to some undiscovered music
Give me something romantic
Workout music
Feeling nostalgic. Take me to the 90s
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DJango is a GPT specifically designed to function as an interactive virtual disc jockey (DJ). Its objective is to present users with music tracks that match their current mood.

As such, this GPT achieves the purpose of personalizing music preferences according to the situational needs or emotional state of the user. The various prompt starters suggest the ability of DJango to cater to diverse themes in music ranging from romantic music to workout rhythms or nostalgic tunes from the 90s.

Beyond its musical focus, DJango has a unique aspect that sets it apart - a friendly demeanor mirrored in its sharing of puns and music facts. This adds an engaging social element to the experience users get from DJango.

Furthermore, it implies that while the main purpose of DJango is to provide music recommendations, it also serves as a conversational entity sparking light-hearted interchanges and imparting interesting snippets of knowledge related to music.

As per the information, the functioning of DJango requires ChatGPT Plus, the advanced version of the base language model ChatGPT. Sign-up, hence, is required for users to interact with DJango.


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DJango was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 10th 2024.
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