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ByDavid Van Hook
Your personal DJ building music playlists.
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Sample prompts:
Im throwing a party that is themed 80's hip hop
Build me a playlist of soul music for my bbq.
I like Stevie Wonder. make recommendations for similar artist and songs
Build me a rock playlist with bands like Metallica
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DJ Playlist Maker is a GPT that functions as your personal music curator. This tool employs the capabilities of ChatGPT to provide customized music playlists tailored to a user's specific music style and preferences.

Its functionality is designed to leverage a detailed understanding of various music genres, artists, and songs to deliver a personalized playlist experience.

For example, users can give the tool specific instructions or preferences, such as the type of music they enjoy, any particular artist they prefer, or the theme of an event they are hosting.

This GPT receives directives like creating a playlist for an 80's hip hop themed party, or compiling a soulful tracklist suitable for a barbecue. It can also make music recommendations based on a user's existing preferences, for instance, suggesting songs, artists, or bands that are similar to Stevie Wonder or Metallica.

The DJ Playlist Maker offers the advantage of having a tailor-made music solution that takes into consideration personal taste, mood and event theme. The GPT, therefore, acts as an interactive and accessible platform that ultimately enhances user's music discovery and listening experience.

Additionally, it can adapt to evolving music trends and listeners' changing preferences, making it a versatile and innovative resource for music enthusiasts.

Please note that using this tool requires signing up for ChatGPT Plus. The music suggestions provided do not include actual songs or downloads, but a list of suggested song names and artists for users to find and play on their preferred music streaming platform.


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