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Creating playlists for any prompt via Apple Music.
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PlaylistAI for Apple Music is a GPT that integrates with your Apple Music account to generate customized playlists based on specific prompts. It allows users to create unique music playlists by connecting their Apple Music account and adding any prompt of their choice.

It is not officially affiliated with Apple Music but works seamlessly with it. This tool requires an active ChatGPT Plus subscription for functionality.

The GPT utilizes AI technology to sort through your music and generate a playlist that fits your specified prompt, offering a new way to discover music within your existing library.

Providing versatile and personalized music experience, PlaylistAI for Apple Music creates an engaging environment for Apple Music users. This GPT was made by, showcasing an innovative use of AI technology in enhancing personal music listening experiences.

Sign up is required for access, after which users can start discovering new music through unique, AI-curated playlists.


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