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ByPeter Corbett
Suggests playlists from photos or moods.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Share your mood or a Spotify playlist for a custom music mix.
Sample prompts:
Show me a photo of your Spotify playlist!
Tell me your current mood for a music mix!
Looking for unique tracks? Share a playlist!
Describe your music taste for personalized suggestions!
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Picture Playlist - Top 10 is a GPT that provides unique and customized music playlists based on users' moods or titles derived from their photos. User requirements for this GPT tool include having a ChatGPT Plus subscription and signing up to chat.

This GPT is designed to create an immersive and personalized music discovery experience for the users. You can either share a Spotify playlist or describe your current mood to receive a custom music mix.

The GPT also suggests unique tracks by analyzing your existing playlist, encouraging users to explore different music styles and genres. In addition to these features, the users can provide a comprehensive description of their music taste to get personalized music suggestions.

The aim of this GPT is to cater to the diverse music preferences of users providing a mix that suits their taste, mood or situation.


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