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Turn employee's innovative ideas into actionable, revenue-generating projects using AI.
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Engagerfy is an AI-driven reputation management platform designed to boost staff morale and employee engagement. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to daily engage with employees, designing polls, analysing responses and identifying trends.

This actionable data enables organizations to respond quickly to internal dynamics and make meaningful decisions based on real-time employee feedback.A key feature of Engagerfy is its ideation tool where employees contribute innovative ideas.

Selected ideas then move into the project management stage where employees collaborate with management to bring the ideas to life.Engagerfy also incorporates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, enabling organizations to contribute to their communities without investing extra time and energy in research.

The pre-emptive CSR projects available within the platform facilitate immediate, impactful changes to local communities.Another significant feature of Engagerfy is its AI-driven customer feedback mechanism.

This allows organizations to actively solicit and engage with feedback from external customers, facilitating a faster response to customer's demands and concerns.

This customer interaction further benefits the organization by providing valuable insights for decision-making.Upon its launch, Engagerfy will encompass three hubs: Ideas Hub, Hire Hub, and News Hub.

The Ideas Hub facilitates employee-employer collaboration and idea implementation. Hire Hub empowers employees to provide feedback and suggestions on future staffing requirements and recruitment practices.

News Hub keeps employees updated on company-wide developments. Engagerfy plans to launch in Q1 2024.


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Engagerfy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Daily staff engagement
Real-time feedback analytics
Employee-employer collaboration
Project management capabilities
Employee ideation tool
CSR projects implementation
Customer feedback mechanism
Fast response to internal dynamics
Employee recruitment feedback
Company-wide updates
Ideas hub
Hire hub
News hub
Saves time researching CSR initiatives
Rapid response to customer demands
Automated poll creation and analysis
Facilitates actionable, revenue-generating projects
Staff morale booster


Launching in 2024
May overwhelm employees
No standalone mobile application
No known security measures
No known integrations
Limited pre-launch testing
Assumed employee participation


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How does the Ideas Hub in Engagerfy facilitate employee-employer collaboration?
What is the purpose of the Hire Hub in Engagerfy?
How does Engagerfy's News Hub keep employees updated?
What is the expected launch date of Engagerfy?
How does Engagerfy help in turning employees' innovative ideas into revenue-generating projects?
How is real-time feedback analytics used in Engagerfy?
How does Engagerfy facilitate CSR projects?
How does Engagerfy assist in identifying trends?
How does Engagerfy handle customer feedback management?
How does Engagerfy engage with employees on a daily basis?
What is the role of AI in Engagerfy's reputation management?
Can Engagerfy be used for external recruitment?
How does Engagerfy contribute to decision making based on customer interactions?

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