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Employee engagement and retention chatbot
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Amber by inFeedo™ is a conversational AI bot designed to have intelligent conversations with employees. Its primary function is to identify employees who are unhappy, disengaged, or likely to leave.

It achieves this by engaging employees in conversations and analyzing their responses. Amber uses powerful AI algorithms to understand the intent behind the employees' statements and provide appropriate responses.

The platform emphasizes privacy and uses cookies to enhance user experiences on their website, allowing users to disable tracking if desired.In addition to conversation analysis, inFeedo™ offers other AI-driven solutions.

These include an engagement platform that helps organizations understand and boost employee sentiment, an AI helpdesk that automates employee support, and people analytics software that provides deep insights and actionable data.

The company also offers people science advisory services, providing expert consultancy for real problems and a research-backed employee experience framework.Amber's conversational AI capabilities enable it to provide reliable automation and sentiment analysis with 95% accuracy.

The tool is trusted by industry leaders and has reportedly resulted in significant savings in HRBP hours and high ROI. The company showcases customer success stories and provides resources such as blogs, newsletters, customer stories, and reports to support HR professionals in their use of AI tools.Overall, Amber by inFeedo™ is a powerful conversational AI platform that helps organizations prioritize employee well-being, identify potential issues, and take proactive measures to improve employee engagement and reduce attrition.


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Amber by inFeedo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Identifies unhappy employees
Measures employee engagement
Advanced conversation analysis
Cookie privacy
User tracking control
Proprietary machine learning algorithms
Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities
Integrated engagement platform
People analytics for insights
Has people science advisory
High accuracy sentiment analysis
Used by industry leaders
Results in HRBP hour savings
Generates high ROI
Access to educational resources
95% accuracy for sentiment analysis
Talent retention capability
Helps HR productivity
Employee sentiment determination
Efficient offboarding process
Partnership with GPT-4
ISO compliant
GDPR complaint
Ease in integrations
Language flexibility for users
Panel of HR leaders consultancy
Scalable for large organizations
Trusted and voted by top HR leaders
Automated 1:1s
Smart escalations & ticketing
Unified view of company’s health
Automated & configurable reports
Custom watchlists for high performers


Accuracy rate only 95%
No multi-language support mentioned
No integration details provided
Lack of customization options
Doesn't mention mobile support
Lacks feature specificity
Data compliance details vague
No free trial mentioned
Relies on cookies for privacy
No transparent pricing information


What is Amber by inFeedo and what does it do?
How does Amber identify unhappy or likely-to-leave employees?
How does Amber by inFeedo use AI algorithms?
In terms of privacy, what measures does inFeedo take?
What other AI solutions does inFeedo offer?
Can users disable tracking on Amber by inFeedo?
What is the accuracy of Amber’s sentiment analysis?
How does Amber automate employee support?
Does Amber by inFeedo have any customer success stories?
Can Amber integrate with other HR tools?
What resources does inFeedo provide to support HR professionals?
What are the consultancy services provided by People Science Advisory?
In what scenarios can Amber by inFeedo be useful for HR productivity?
How does Amber’s AI Helpdesk function?
What insights can be gathered from people analytics software by inFeedo?
How does Amber by inFeedo ensure data privacy?
How does Amber achieve engagement and sentiment analysis with 95% accuracy?
What is the ROI for using Amber by inFeedo?
Are there demo versions available for Amber by inFeedo?
What languages does Amber by inFeedo support?

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