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Find out what your friends want without killing the surprise.
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Giftit is an AI tool designed to help users choose suitable gifts by engaging their contacts in anonymous, automated conversations. The tool uses a persona named 'Sherlock' who can communicate with your friends through popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and iMessage.

Based on these interactions, it helps identify potential gift items. The application is built for various occasions, such as birthdays, graduations or spontaneous gifting moments.

Users start by selecting a contact, after which Sherlock interacts with the chosen friend. This interaction is completely anonymous, allowing users to stay behind the scenes.

Subsequently, users can view the results from the discussion between Sherlock and their friend, aiding them to select the perfect gift. The outcome can be viewed either as a full conversation transcript or as a summary generated by the software.

The tool has been positively reviewed by users for its human-like interaction and its ability to help think of unique gift ideas. According to the available information, Giftit has a user-friendly interface and is created and managed in Europe.


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Pros and Cons


Automated conversations
Anonymous interaction
Compatible with popular messaging platforms
Unique persona, 'Sherlock'
Built for various occasions
Full conversation transcript available
Summary viewing option
Promotes surprise in gifting
Endorsed for human-like interaction
Generates unique gift ideas
User-friendly interface
Managed in Europe
Birthday, graduation gifting capability
Supports spontaneous gifting moments
Contact selection feature
User reviews available
Suitable for seasonal gifting
Allows behind the scenes users
Gift idea brainstorming
Recommended by users
Supports anonymous gifting
Positive user feedback
Automated gift selection assistance
Functional in beta
Gift customization feature
Gift recommendations
Connects with contacts
Supports WhatsApp, iMessage apps


Privacy concerns
Platform dependent
Anonymous interaction discomfort
Potential communication misunderstandings
Limited gift options
Dependency on internet connectivity
Inadequate conversation context
Possibility of impersonal gifts
Limited to text interaction
Restricted to certain regions


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Can Giftit help me with spontaneous gifting moments?
Is Giftit available globally or just in Europe?
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