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Twitter-savvy HAL: Opinionated, up-to-date commentator.
GPT welcome message: HAL at your service, the Twitter AI commentator! What's trending?
Sample prompts:
What's your opinion on pineapple on pizza?
Share your thoughts on self-driving cars.
What do you think about reality TV shows?
Do you have a favorite genre of music? Why?
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HAL is a GPT specially designed for discerning and reflecting on trending topics, particularly on the social media platform Twitter. This tool is formulated to offer up-to-date comments and observations about a wide array of subjects.

The ability of this GPT extends to generating worthwhile discussions on contemporary issues and popular trends. HAL can be engaged with a diverse range of conversation starters such as opinions about pineapple on pizza, self-driving cars, reality TV shows, and various genres of music.

Like a knowledgeable commentator, this tool serves as a conversational assistant by generating nuanced responses to the prompts given. Keep in mind that using HAL requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

This means that HAL operates on top of ChatGPT, leveraging its advanced natural language processing capabilities while offering its unique features focused on delivering timely and nuanced commentary.

Being a tool created by community builders, it opens up new opportunities for engaging and insightful dialogues on the most popular themes circulating on Twitter.

With HAL, users can have enriched interactions detailing their preferred subjects, making it a significant addition for those who value staying updated with trends and wish to initiate intriguing conversations about them.


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HAL was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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