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Elevate your WhatsApp game with automation.
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Gustabot is a tool designed for enhancing your WhatsApp experience by providing automation and integrating AI services. With Gustabot, you can automate messaging, access your essential information with a single command, and interact with APIs directly from WhatsApp.

In addition to these features, Gustabot also provides the ability of using AI services such as ChatGPT for text interaction, image generation and analysis, and converting speech to text or vice versa.

This tool is designed to be flexible, catering to a range of different user needs, from hobbyists to professionals and enterprises. Aside from the core capabilities, Gustabot offers tiers that include additional features like regular support, and greater limits on API based messages, image creation and analysis, and message transcripts.

Enterprises can also benefit from custom development, bulk packages, and consultative services for a more personalized application of AI in WhatsApp. Overall, Gustabot aims to elevate modern online communication by enabling users to utilize and bring together different technologies right within their preferred messaging platform.


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Gustabot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 19th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


WhatsApp automation
API interaction via WhatsApp
Includes ChatGPT
Natural Language Processing
Text-to-Speech capability
Speech-to-Text conversion
Can generate images
Can analyze images
Enhanced communication platform
Provides customer support
Can access essential info via command
Flexible for different user needs
Offers tiered services
Regular support provided
Greater limits for API messages
Increased image creation/analysis limits
Advanced message transcripts
Custom development for enterprises
Offers bulk packages for businesses
Consultative services offered
Available on preferred messaging platform


Limited to WhatsApp
Additional costs for tiers
No free tier
Limited API messages
Limited image creation/analysis
Limited message transcripts
Unlimited features only for expensive tier
Need for enterprise custom development


What is Gustabot?
How does Gustabot enhance the WhatsApp experience?
What kind of automation does Gustabot offer for WhatsApp?
Can Gustabot interact with other APIs on WhatsApp?
What AI services does Gustabot integrate with?
How does Gustabot use ChatGPT for text interaction?
Can Gustabot generate and analyze images?
What's the feature of converting speech to text and text to speech in Gustabot?
How does Gustabot cater to both hobbyists and professionals?
What additional features are available in Gustabot's tiers?
Is regular support available on Gustabot?
Are there any limits on API based messages with Gustabot?
What is the limit for image creation and analysis in Gustabot?
Can enterprises benefit from custom development with Gustabot?
What are the bulk packages offered by Gustabot for enterprises?
What types of consultative services does Gustabot provide?
How can I access my essential information with a single command in Gustabot?
What is the process to trigger an API call from WhatsApp via Gustabot?
Are there any free trials for Gustabot?
How does Gustabot elevate modern online communication?

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