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Real-time speaker verification for voice conversations.
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My Voice AI is a conversational AI company that specializes in building secure end-to-end voice intelligence platforms. Their first product, NanoVoiceTM, uses Tiny Machine Learning (tinyML) to verify speakers in real-time, even on ultra-low power edge AI platforms.

This patented technology is independent of any language and works in real-world conditions on any device from cloud to mobile phones and even ultra-low powered chips.

It provides speaker identification, anti-spoofing, and digit verification by detecting recordings and spoofing attempts, verifying that the right person is saying the random digit passcode.

Additionally, the technology also detects emotions like stress, happiness, and anger as well as gender and age through voice only.My Voice AI’s world-class speech scientists are developing the next generation of voice AI innovation beyond identity, with a focus on pure science.

The company’s customers include financial institutions and edge AI embedded platform leaders. The company was founded by a team of speech scientists and serial entrepreneurs, including Dr.

David Horowitz, Ivar Line, and Nikola Andelic. By leveraging state-of-the-art deep neural network and deep learning techniques, My Voice AI delivers the world’s smallest footprint and power-efficient training and inference engines.

Overall, My Voice AI's products aim to enhance the authentication experience and improve the user interface by allowing users to communicate with technology using their voice only.


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My Voice AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time speaker verification
Works on ultra-low power platforms
Compatible with any device
Language independent technology
Speaker identification capability
Anti-spoofing feature
Digit verification
Real-world condition adaptability
Emotion detection
Gender detection
Age detection through voice
Tiny Machine Learning use
Advanced machine learning techniques
Deep neural network usage
Highly power-efficient
Privacy-enhanced authentication
Specialization in voice intelligence
Secure end-to-end platform
World's smallest verification engine
Co-founded by speech scientists
Focus on pure science
Anti-recording and spoofing detection
Software licensing capabilities
Partnerships with financial institutions


Dependent on tinyML
No open-source option
Limited to audio analysis
No visual authentication
Company is relatively new
Limited customer base
Potentially intrusive emotion detection
Limited to real-time verification
No explicit text analysis
Requires deep learning knowledge


What is My Voice AI?
What is the main function of NanoVoice™?
How does My Voice AI utilize Tiny Machine Learning (tinyML)?
How does My Voice AI technology work with different languages?
Where can the NanoVoice™ technology be integrated?
How does My Voice AI ensure security during voice verification?
What is unique about the digit verification with My Voice AI?
What additional features does My Voice AI offer apart from speaker verification?
What type of emotions can My Voice AI detect?
Who are the customers of My Voice AI?
What differentiates My Voice AI from other voice recognition AIs?
Who are the founders of My Voice AI?
How does My Voice AI affect the user interface experience?
What are the benefits of using My Voice AI in financial institutions?
How does My Voice AI contribute to privacy-enhanced authentication experience?
How efficient is My Voice AI's training and inference engines?
Is My Voice AI a stand-alone software or does it need to be integrated into existing platforms?
What kind of physical devices can My Voice AI technology be applied on?
Who is My Voice AI's target market?
How does My Voice AI prevent spoofing attempts?

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