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Identified synthesized voices in audio.
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AI Voice Detector is an AI detection tool that detects whether a given audio is generated by AI or by a real human. This tool has been developed to help individuals, businesses, and organizations detect the authenticity of the voices they hear in various important situations such as legal proceedings, media reporting, and customer service interactions.

AI Voice Detector works by analyzing the features of an audio file and provides a result that shows the probability of it being either an AI-generated voice or a natural voice.

Users can upload an audio file to the tool, and after clicking the "Detect Voice" button, they receive a result that helps them determine the authenticity of the audio.The tool can help detect and protect against audio manipulation, be it for scamming or spreading misinformation.

AI Voice Detector recommends using audio without background music and noise to obtain more accurate results. Additionally, AI Voice Detector shares useful information and resources in its Frequently Asked Questions section, including tips to use the tool more effectively, the dangers of AI voices, and how AI voice scams have led to cybercriminal activities.

Overall, AI Voice Detector provides users with a reliable and efficient tool to identify the authenticity of voices they hear and gain peace of mind in an increasingly AI-driven world.


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Feb 28, 2024
id love to be able to test out a product before paying a subscription. ESPECIALLY if you already let me scan mp3's..
Dec 19, 2023
Yeah for 20 bucks a month.

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Pros and Cons


Analyzes audio features
Upload audio files
Protects against audio manipulation
Recommendations for accurate results
Interactive FAQ section
Efficient tool for authenticity
Detects voice manipulation scams
Pricing information available
Links to related tools
Guidance to use effectively
Update on numbers served
Enhances trust in interactions
Protects against misinformation
Extensive knowledge resources
Encourages short audio length
Recommends noise-free audios
Examples provided for clarity
Promotes authenticity verification
User friendly interface
Results show voice probabilities
Promotes mindful audio interaction
Ensures audio authenticity
Resource for audio accuracy
User registration available
Audio cutting tools suggested
Provides peace of mind
Protects from voice frauds
Audio manipulation prevention tool
Links to social media
Suggests audio without music
Options to View Examples
Step-by-step voice detection
Robust support documentation
Highly specialized service
Tips for optimal results
Accessible customer support
Suggestions for Improvement
Results in short time
Results show authenticity probability
Educational blogs availability
Information on affected jobs
Consumer protection focus
Privacy policy detailed


Limited to 25 seconds audio
Accuracy decreases with background noise
No automated background noise removal
No mobile application
No support for real-time detection
No batch processing
Result interpretation not straightforward
No API for integration
Lack of transparency in technique


How does AI Voice Detector verify the authenticity of an audio file?
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Can AI Voice Detector protect against scams and misinformation?
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Is there a limit to how many audio files I can upload to AI Voice Detector?
What does the user interface of AI Voice Detector look like?
Can I access AI Voice Detector from my mobile device?
Are there any tips on how to get the most accurate results from AI Voice Detector?
Does AI Voice Detector offer other resources or information about AI voices?
How can AI Voice Detector be used in legal proceedings and customer service interactions?
Can AI Voice Detector help me detect background noises or music in a audio file?
What does 'audio authenticity' mean in the context of AI Voice Detector?
How does AI Voice Detector analyze the features of an audio file?
What can I learn from AI Voice Detector's Frequently Asked Questions section?
How much does AI Voice Detector cost and what is the pricing structure?
What is the process of analyzing an audio file with AI Voice Detector?
Is AI Voice Detector reliable in its detection of AI generated voices?
What is the 'Detect Voice' button in AI Voice Detector?
How does AI Voice Detector share information about the dangers of AI voices and related cybercriminal activities?

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