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Realistic voiceovers for game development projects
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EASY.DX is an AI tool designed for game developers to create instant and realistic voiceovers for their games. It offers a user-friendly dashboard where users can easily craft distinct character voices, manage game audio, and export with precision.

Users can add character names, notes, and images, and upload audio samples to create custom voices. Alternatively, they can choose from a library of AI-powered voice actors.Once the characters are created, EASY.DX allows users to instantly generate audio clips using the selected character's voice.

The generated audio clips can be saved to the character's profile and exported in formats such as .wav, .ogg, or .mp3. The audio produced by EASY.DX is clean and free from background noise, eliminating the need for additional audio editing.The tool aims to redefine voiceover creation for game development by simplifying the process, optimizing budgets, and accelerating development.

It saves time by streamlining work with AI-powered audio, eliminating the need for lengthy recordings or retakes. In terms of cost, EASY.DX offers a subscription that replaces studio time, voice actor payments, and audio editing costs.EASY.DX also serves as a valuable resource during the development cycle, allowing developers to utilize realistic placeholders while voiceovers are still being recorded.

The tool is expected to be accessible in mid-August, with access granted based on the order of sign-ups from the waitlist. Users have the option to train custom voices using their own audio samples or choose from the provided voices.

However, samples of celebrity voices can only be used with permission.Overall, EASY.DX aims to simplify the voiceover creation process, optimize budgets, and provide high-quality audio for game development projects.


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