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ByGülşen İçöz
Writes word meanings, creates sentence examples, and asks a question.
GPT welcome message: Merhaba, kelime bilgisi konusunda size nasıl yardımcı olabilirim?
Sample prompts:
Kelime anlamı: bilsemc2
Örnek cümlenin kullanımı: Deva
Destan kelimesinin anlamı nedir?
Cümlenin örneğini göster: Mahsen
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Kelime Bilgisi - Bilsemc2 is a GPT designed to assist with vocabulary knowledge. It achieves this by writing the meaning of words and creating example sentences.

It further enhances interaction by generating a question related to the word or sentence. This tool is designed to be highly interactive, thus fostering the development of word comprehension and sentence formulation.

A key aspect of this GPT is its initiation of engagements. The welcome message: 'Merhaba, kelime bilgisi konusunda size nasl yardmc olabilirim?' is inviting and constitutes a premise for conversation about vocabulary.

The GPT provides prompting starters such as 'Kelime anlam: bilsemc2' and 'rnek cmlenin kullanm: Deva, Destan kelimesinin anlam nedir?', offering a clear path for engagement and understanding.

Furthermore, it stimulates thinking by formulating examples like 'Cmlenin rneini gster: Mahsen.' With this GPT, users are not only able to learn new words, but also understand their usage within context, aiding in language proficiency improvement.

Note, usage of Kelime Bilgisi - Bilsemc2 requires ChatGPT Plus.


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