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AppSec Assistant is a Jira plugin designed to streamline security workflows by providing intelligent recommendations. It utilizes AI to generate security suggestions within the Jira Cloud, aiding developers in creating software that is secure by design.

It put emphasis on data control and security, by ensuring that user data, including OpenAI API keys, remain within trusted environments. AppSec Assistant is also designed for simple setup where addition of one's OpenAI API key and, optionally, organization's detail is all that's required to reinforce the security of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The tool leverages Atlassian's Storage API for encryption and safe-keeping of OpenAI API key information. It promotes efficiency by reducing the time spent on manual application security (AppSec) reviews, providing security recommendations specific to each ticket with a click.

AppSec Assistant allows developers to work at a fast pace while helping ensure security considerations are integrated from the start. It also offers the capacity for custom deployments within Jira Cloud by enabling usage of your own Language Model (LLM) or General AI (GEN-AI) infrastructure.


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AppSec Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Jira plugin
Streamlines security workflows
Provides intelligent recommendations
Data control emphasis
Easy setup
Supports SDLC security
Atlassian's Storage API integration
Reduces manual AppSec reviews
Ticket-specific security recommendations
Fast pace development support
Promotes secure-by-design approach
Offers custom deployments
Secures sensitive data
Encrypts API key info


Limited to Jira integration
No clear offline usage
Dependent on Atlassian's Storage API
Custom deployments may be challenging
No dedicated API mentioned
Setup may require sensitive details
No multi-cloud support mentioned


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How does AppSec Assistant impact time spent on manual application security reviews?
Can AppSec Assistant be customized for different workflows in Jira Cloud?
Can I utilize my own Language Model (LLM) or General AI (GEN-AI) infrastructure with AppSec Assistant?
How does AppSec Assistant assist in creating software that is secure by design?
What does the process look like for getting security recommendations with AppSec Assistant?
Does AppSec Assistant allow developers to work at a faster pace?
What measures does AppSec Assistant take to ensure the encryption and safety of OpenAI API key information?
How can I add my organization's details to AppSec Assistant?
Is there a trial version of AppSec Assistant available in Atlassian Marketplace?
Are there any specific system requirements for the installation and use of AppSec Assistant?
Does AppSec Assistant support custom deployments within Jira Cloud?
Where can I find support or customer service for AppSec Assistant?

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