Cybersecurity 05 Sep 2023
Pentest Copilot
Improved ethical hacking & pentesting support.

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Pentest Copilot is an ethical hacking tool designed to assist and enhance pentesting engagements. Powered by advanced AI technology, it provides comprehensive support for various security tasks, ranging from web app analysis to root shell access.

The tool leverages context to deliver directed results, increasing its effectiveness.The AI model behind Pentest Copilot is finely-tuned for security tasks based on global data, ensuring unparalleled assistance.

It utilizes a combination of GPT and constrained programming for seamless JSON integration, improving efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, Pentest Copilot constantly evolves by integrating additional data points, aiming to become a complete Red Team Automation solution and further enhance user capabilities.The tool offers real-time command validation using a low latency model, enabling quick and reliable responses to negative prompts and commands.

Although Pentest Copilot excels at autonomous operation, it also recognizes the need for human expertise in certain situations. It encourages human interaction and collaboration to guide it in the right direction, striking a balance between AI and human involvement.With Pentest Copilot, users can expect a step-by-step journey through each task, simplifying their workflow and making their lives easier.

The tool provides resources such as documentation and a community for support, showcasing BugBase's commitment to user satisfaction.Overall, Pentest Copilot is a powerful and adaptable ethical hacking assistant that combines AI technology with human collaboration to deliver efficient and effective results in pentesting engagements.

Pentest Copilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 5th 2023.
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