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Prevented data leaks during generative modeling.
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Suzan AI is a data loss prevention tool that specializes in securing the usage of generative AI services, such as ChatGPT, in order to prevent data leaks and non-compliant behaviors.

It offers real-time detection of inappropriate or illegal requests and blocks them before they reach end-users. With over 2,000 detection scenarios, it is easy to customize rules and add your own detection rules with the Pro plan, or import existing rules from other DLP tools.

The tool allows users to promote ethical behavior, get anonymous reports on inappropriate requests, and take remediation action where needed. The platform is suitable for businesses of all sizes, and it is user-friendly and easy to deploy, with initial configuration requiring less than 10 minutes for ChatGPT and no tech knowledge required.

Suzan works great with services based on ChatGPT, but also with any other Generative AI services, and it is hosted in a secured environment in France.

The tool flag irregular and non-compliant usages, and contributes to enforcing Privacy by Design with AI systems, making it GDPR & EU AI ACT ready. The tool is ideal for small businesses with the Starter plan priced at 29,99€ per month, billed annually and includes three seats plus additional seats for 4€ per month.

The Pro plan priced at 59,99€ per month, billed annually, includes three seats plus additional seats for 8€ per month and unlocks GPT-4 Chat & API and advanced features.

For enterprise-level needs, Suzan offers custom pricing and advanced options such as single sign-on, on-premise, and custom MSA.


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Pros and Cons


Prevents data leaks
Real-time detection of inappropriate requests
Over 2000 detection scenarios
Customizable detection rules
Promotes ethical behavior
Anonymous reporting on inappropriate requests
Able to take remediation actions
User-friendly interface
Easy to deploy
Hosted in a secured environment
Enforces Privacy by Design
Suitable for various business sizes
Affordable pricing
Advanced features in Pro plan
Custom pricing for enterprises
Single sign-on for enterprises
On-premise option
Custom MSA
Advanced logging and audit system
Automatic redaction of sensitive information
Plays well with other DLP tools
Detection based on proprietary methods
Users Toolbox Included
Easily promotes ethical behavior
Optimized workflows with templates
API integration for developers
Suzan Proxy for seamless integration
Privacy and personal data protections
Strategic information protection
Leak-proof legal documentation
Code & IT data secure
Unethical requests monitoring
Ready-to-use pre-filled templates
Increase productivity with templates
Real-time collaboration features
Smart detection rules
Logs & Audit - 60 days for Starter plan
Privacy Anonymisation Tool
Code leaks detector
GPT-4 CHAT & API for Pro plan
Advanced Logs & Audit - 1 year for Pro plan
Proxy protection
API for custom integrations


Only hosted in France
Limited third-party tools integration
Configuration requires tech knowledge
Long initial configuration time
Expensive additional seats
Limited detection scenarios variety
Monotenant and on-premise options paid
Limited privacy features
Lack of free trial


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What kind of data can Suzan AI help to protect?
Where is Suzan AI hosted and how secure is the environment?

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