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Build, scale and secure AI applications.
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Myple is a platform designed to assist in the building, scaling, and securing of AI applications. It enables developers to create and manage AI agents and RAG models efficiently and safely.

The platform is highly focused on making the development process easier with its user-friendly interface, making integration and usage of AI possible in minutes.

It supports open-source SDKs for multiple languages and frameworks such as Node.js, Python, Go, Rust, and REST among others. Another feature is the Myple CLI, crafted with the objective to navigate the platform using keyboard shortcuts, helping developers to work swiftly and efficiently.

The Myple platform is also designed to speed up your AI journey, to effectively build and integrate AI into your production applications regardless of scale.

In addition, it offers 'templates' to assist you in starting various AI projects faster, fully customizable depending on your needs. Furthermore, it ensures a smooth integration process with your favorite tools and services, requiring less coding and saving developers ample time.

Communities are available for support and early access to their latest features can be obtained by joining the beta program.


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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Open-source SDKs
Multi-language support
RAG model support
Swift Myple CLI
Keyboard shortcut navigation
Effective scaling for applications
Smooth integration process
Less coding required
Community support
Beta program early access
Lightning-fast platform navigation
Compatible with favorite tools
Save developers time
Supports multiple frameworks
Python, Node.js, Go, Rust support
Explore templates feature
Comfort zone approved
Supports REST
Ready, set, go feature
Dead simple integration
Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket integration
Discord, Jira, Slack integration


Does not support older languages
Doesn't mention mobile compatibility
Templates might lack versatility
No stated offline capabilities
Potential learning curve for CLI
No clear troubleshooting resources
No documented version history
Unclear licensing for open-source
Possibly over-simplified for advanced users
No guidelines for custom templates


What is Myple?
How does Myple support the development of AI applications?
What languages and frameworks does Myple support?
What is the Myple Command Line Interface?
How does Myple help speed up my AI journey?
What types of projects can be started using Myple's templates?
What are some tools and services that can be integrated with Myple?
What is the purpose of the Myple beta program?
How does Myple ensure AI security?
How user-friendly is Myple's interface?
How is Myple unique from other AI tool platforms?
How can I get started using Myple?
Does Myple support multiple language coding?
Does Myple offer any special features to enhance developer efficiency?
What are the benefits of using Myple's CLI tool?
How does Myple help in AI project management?
What is the advantage of Myple's AI templates?
How does Myple support Open-source development?
What is the process to join Myple's beta program?
Can I use Myple to build, scale, and secure my AI applications?

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