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ByJosh Klenert
Let's get you motivated, chat now.
GPT welcome message: Put that coffee down! Let's talk about something important.
Sample prompts:
Should I work on that presentation or take a nap?
I'm struggling to close a deal, any advice?
What's the key to successful selling?
Motivate me to work harder today.
What should I do today?
How can I be more aggressive at work?
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Coffee is for Closers is a GPT that is intended for individuals seeking motivation and advice in their work life, particularly in the context of demanding business environments.

Constructed on the foundation of ChatGPT, 'Coffee is for Closers' can provide conversational assistance to users who are finding it challenging to navigate high-pressure situations in their professional life.

This tool can be beneficial in dealing with everyday professional dilemmas such as constructing pivotal presentations, managing sales closures, and developing aggressive work strategies.

It does this by providing insightful, motivational prompts and responses. On accessing the tool, users are greeted with a welcome message - 'Put that coffee down! Let's talk about something important.' - indicating the tool's prime focus on serious professional discussions.

Consequently, users could fire off questions such as 'Should I work on that presentation or take a nap?', 'I'm struggling to close a deal, any advice?', and 'Motivate me to work harder today.' Based on these interactions, 'Coffee is for Closers' generates useful and motivational advice.

As the tool name suggests, it aims at fostering a culture of achievement where 'coffee' is a metaphorical reward that is 'for closers', indicating success in professional endeavors.

To gain access to the tool, users must sign up for ChatGPT Plus.


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