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Verify authenticity of videos and audios.
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Deepfake Detector is an AI-based tool designed to detect manipulated videos and audios created using AI. Its primary function is to filter out AI-generated deepfakes and determine the authenticity of uploaded videos and audios.

The tool offers expert verification services to enable legal and media professionals to confidently identify false videos and audios, thereby preventing them from spreading misinformation.To use the tool, users must upload an audio or video file, which the Deepfake Detector then processes to determine whether it is an AI-generated deepfake or a natural video or audio.

The resulting analysis shows the probability of the video or audio being an AI-generated deepfake. The tool has a recommendation feature that advises users to use audio without background music and noise to improve the accuracy of detection.This tool is ideal for legal and media professionals who rely on authentic videos and audios, as well as anyone who desires to know the truth about the authenticity of a particular video or audio.

With the use of Deepfake Detector, users can gain confidence in filtering out the dangers of AI-generated deepfakes and prevent the spread of misinformation.


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Jul 30, 2023
Very useful,,

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Pros and Cons


Detects video and audio deepfakes
Offers expert verification service
Ideal for legal and media professionals
Provides authenticity confidence
Prevents misinformation spread
Recommendation feature for accurate results
Shows deepfake probability
User-friendly upload process
Handles audio without background noise
Handles short-length audios
State-of-the-art verification services
Detects sophisticated deepfakes
Gives peace of mind
Avoids potential misinformation pitfalls


Doesn't handle background noise well
Requires clean audio for results
Limited to 25 seconds audio
Doesn't support real-time detection
No mobile app version
Mention of no special effects
Manual file upload necessary
Results interpretation not automatic
No API for integration
No batch processing feature


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